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Ecuador, with 18.3 million inhabitants, awaits you with exclusive properties. Find your ideal home in this dollarized economy country and start a new life.

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Ecuador, the country of the four worlds

The Pacific Coast
It’s a captivating destination that combines a diversity of landscapes, from cliffs overlooking beautiful beaches to green mangroves and extensive tropical forests. It is home to one of the most protected areas in the country: Machalilla National Park. This place encompasses a series of islands with a wide range of wildlife, among which humpback whales and blue-footed boobies stand out.

The Andes
Surrounded by majestic mountains and a great variety of ecosystems, from moorlands to cloud forests, lakes, turquoise volcanic lagoons, and natural hot springs, all are admired in the middle of the world along with its incredible ruins and Inca sites.

The Amazon
Considered the planet’s lung. The Amazon rainforest attracts those who enjoy wild nature, lush landscapes, and the cultural richness of ancestral indigenous communities. This green region is one of the richest biodiversity reserves in the world.

The enchanting Galapagos Islands
They are the cherry on top, located 1000km off the coast of Ecuador. The natural beauty of these volcanic islands is a World Heritage Site and one of the most renowned destinations in the world, offering a unique experience with nature and wildlife.


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